Our collection of necklaces is handmade in our workshop in Giethoorn. The chains are finished with clasps and spacer beads made of sterling silver 925 or 14 carat gold filled. We can possibly shorten or lengthen a chain with an extension chain. Please feel free to contact us by email or WhatsApp for more information about the possibilities.

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19 products


19 products

Collection: Chains

Discover unique necklaces at Gloria Maris

Discover the unique necklace collection of Gloria Maris Shell Paradise: a treasure from the sea, now within reach. Located in the enchanting water village of Giethoorn, Gloria Maris has been known for its deep connection with the beauty of the ocean for more than four decades. Our dedication to shells, sea creatures and fossils is reflected in every piece of jewelry we create. We bring this passion to life in our handmade necklace collection, a must-have for every lover of the ocean's beauty.

Handmade necklaces with a story

Our collection not only offers a wide range of unique, handcrafted necklaces, but also embodies the essence of the ocean we cherish so much. Each necklace from our collection is crafted in our workshop in Giethoorn, where the magic of the sea is transformed into breathtaking jewelry. By finishing with clasps and spacer beads made of sterling silver 925 or 14 carat gold filled, we ensure the quality and durability of each necklace.

Personalize your necklace at Gloria Maris

At Gloria Maris we understand that every piece of jewelry tells a personal story. That is why we offer the option to customize chains as desired. Whether you are looking to lengthen or shorten your chain, our professionals are ready to meet your needs. Please feel free to contact us via email or WhatsApp for personal advice or more information about the customization options.

Visit our webshop for exclusive necklaces

Visit our webshop and be enchanted by the Gloria Maris Schelpenparadijs necklace collection. Where else can you find the beauty of the ocean, incorporated into jewelry that exudes the timeless charm of Giethoorn? Discover your perfect necklace today and carry a piece of the ocean with you always.