Welcome to Gloria Maris Shell Paradise, where the wonders of the sea come to life! Our passion for shells, sea creatures and fossils has been a driving force in enchanting Giethoorn for more than 40 years. With us you will find an extensive collection that appeals to both young and old, and where the beauty of the ocean is cherished down to the smallest detail.


Discover the magic of the deep sea in our store and webshop, where we proudly present a unique selection of pearl and shell jewelry. Each piece is made with love and craftsmanship, allowing you to carry an exclusive piece of the ocean with you.

Shell paradise

At Gloria Maris we believe in sharing the beauty and diversity of the sea. Our collection has been carefully curated to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also to inspire admiration for the natural world around us. Whether you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry, a decorative piece for your home, or simply an enchanting experience, you will find the shell paradise you are looking for with us.

Treasures of the sea

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Gloria Maris, where tradition, quality and love for the sea come together. Experience the timeless elegance of our collection and discover why we have been a popular household name in Giethoorn for decades. Welcome to Gloria Maris, where the treasures of the sea are waiting for you to discover.